Group Insurance

We know that it is not easy to identify the product that best suits your needs, circumstances and budget. So, in this section, we have some stories of people who, like you, are in need of an insurance or savings solution. If you can identify with them or their situation, then we have the answers for you.

  • Saving for your child's future

    Life Insurance

    An additional amount equal to the sum assured is payable on death of an insured caused by accident, if ADB is taken as supplementary.

  • Educating your children

    Permanent and Total Disability: (PTD)

    In case of permanent and total disability resulting from bodily injury caused directly by accident which prevents the insured employee from engaging in any business, occupation or work whatsoever for remuneration or profit and which disability has continued uninterruptedly for a period of at least six months and has been certified to be incurable by a physician approved by the company, then subject to provisions of this contract, the company shall pay the benefit to the employer stated in the schedule and the insurance for the said employee shall be determined.

  • Permanent and Partial Disability:  (PPD)

    Permanent and Partial Disability: (PPD)

    Nafis and Saika are looking forward to an active retirement

    In case of permanent and partial disablement caused directly by accident the company shall pay to the employer a certain percentage of the sum assured specified in the schedule below and where applicable, only one sum namely the larger sum will be paid for multiple injuries resulting from one accident: -

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