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Permanent and Total Disability: (PTD)

Permanent and Partial Disability:  (PPD)

In case of permanent and partial disablement caused directly by accident the company shall pay to the employer a certain percentage of the sum assured specified in the schedule below and where applicable, only one sum namely the larger sum will be paid for multiple injuries resulting from one accident: -

Description of Permanent and Partial Disability Percentage of the Sum Assured payable            

i)   Loss of one eye                                                                              50
ii)  Complete deafness of both ears of traumatic origin                             40                   
iii) Complete deafness of one ear                                                           10
iv) Removal of the lower jaw                                                                   25

v)    Loss of one hand above the wrist                                                     50
vi)   Considerable loss of osseous substance of the arm
(definite and incurable lesion)                                                                 25
vii)  Total amputation of thumb                                                                20
viii) Total amputation of four finger including thumb                                    25
ix)   Total amputation of index finger only                                                 15
x)    Total amputation of middle finger only                                               10
xi)   Total amputation of ring finger only                                                    8
xii)  Total amputation of little finger only                                                    7

xiii)  Loss of one leg above the ankle                                                        50
xiv)  Total loss or total loss of use of lower limbs below the knee                 40
xv)   Total loss of foot                                                                              30
xvi)  Ankylosis of the hip                                                                          30
xvii) Ankylosis of the knee                                                                        20
xviii)Total amputation of all the toes                                                           25
xix)  Total amputation of four toes including big toe                                     20
xx)   Total amputation of the big toe                                                          10
xxi)  Total amputation of one toe other than the big toe                                3

Permanent disabilities not mentioned above shall be compensated in accordance with their severity as compared to those listed. Permanent & Partial or Permanent & Total loss of the use of a limb shall be deemed to be the same as Permanent & Partial or Permanent & Total loss of the said limb.

No indemnity is payable for any pre-existing degree of disablement and if further injury occurs, only the difference between the condition prior to and after current injury shall be consider

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